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Our emphasis at the beginning is to build a community that embraces everybody's story. We believe every person's story is unique, special, and should be told. Something beautiful happens when we share stories with one another. Fast friendships are developed and the community is deepened. This special experience is what we call STORIED. 

Why another church?

This is a question we get a lot. Simply put we feel called to this work and to plant a new faith community in Mebane. We are not in competition with other local churches and we hope that our work will be shared together. We are ALL striving to respond to the call that God has placed on our lives. And our hope is that Storied Church will make our community and world better. 

Where will you be located?

This question is a little early but typically the first one we get asked. We don't have an established location yet. Our praxis in planting a church is to first create community connections and build trust before we begin to think about our location. Our first location will be meeting in other peoples homes. 

Who is starting the church? 

The United Methodist Church New Faith Communities office has been discerning planting a church in Mebane for quite some time. We are working together in cooperation with the New Faith Communities office of the UMC, local community organizations, local UMC churches in and outside of Mebane, Missional Wisdom Foundation which provides our coaching. And we look forward to building more local cooperation in the coming months. 

How can I get involved?

First, in the next few months, we are building a covenant team (our version of a lead team) of 10 people.  Second, is to attend any of our gatherings that we will be hosting in the next year. These gatherings will almost always have food and great company. It will be a great way to meet people that are enlivened by the vision that God is bringing about in Storied Church. 


When will the church launch?

Our plan is to launch the church in Fall 2020.  

Do we have to be Methodist to join the team?

The simple answer is no. Our first core value is to "Embrace Everybody". Our heritage, praxis, and theology are distinctively Wesleyan. That being said we want to be a church that is open to everyone's faith background. Here is a link to know more about Methodism and our beliefs

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