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We like to think of our "missions" as "community partnerships." We ask ourselves what organizations in our community are making an impact in improving the community.


we partner individually, as a community, and financially. 

We recognize that as a community addressing systemic issues is a collective work. Work that can not be accomplished merely by ourselves. 

Each year we set aside money given to Storied that will goto our community partners.  

What does partnering look like?

We cultivate deep relationships with our community partners. It is not about what "we" can do but a relationship that can be built through partnerships. We believe that if you know the story of an organization it will be a greater impact. We keep our partnerships simple. 

Who are our community partners? 

Benevolence Farms 

Yoder Elementary ​School

How can I get involved? 

Email Amy or Louise

Co-lead Community Engagment team members

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