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We like to think of our "missions" in terms of "community partnerships." We ask ourselves what organizations in our community are making an impact in making the community better.


And we partner individually, as a community, and financially. 

We recognize that as a community we can not build someone a house, but we can partner with an organization like Habitat for Humanity of Alamance County who knows how to do just that. 

10 cents from every dollar given to Storied goes to our community partners.  

What does partnering look like?

It begins with a conversation in hopes of leading to a relationship. It is not about what "we" can do but a relationship that can be built through partnerships. We believe that if you know the story of an organization it will be a greater impact. 

Who are our community partners? 

Habitat for Humanity of Alamance County

Southern Alamance Food Alliance (SAFE)

Yoder Elementary 

West End Revitlization Association

How do I/We get involved?

Send us a message with the organization you are interested in and we will get you connected. 

How does my organization become a community partner? 

It begins with sending us a message with a little bit about your organization and we will get together from there. 

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