The Covenant Team is the leadership team of Storied Church. They manage the operations of the church and shepherd responsibility in the  implementing of the vision, mission, and values of Storied Church.



Where are you from? 

Niceville, Florida

Favorite thing about Mebane/Alamance County? 

I fell in love with Mebane at the first Christmas parade my family attended in 2015. The Griswold family was a part of the parade... so I was sold. 

Why Storied Church?

I have always felt that I was dreaming and longing for the church that represented the values that Jesus represented. One that didn't confuse inclusion with exclusion. I believe that we experience something amazing when we are able to experience God's creation in all of us especially when we move from strangers to friends. That is why Storied Church is a big deal to me. 

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Covenant Team Member | CHAIRPERSON

If somebody would have told me two years ago that I would again identify as a Christian... I would have scoffed at them... but I am in fact doing just that... I am a part of this commnity. This is a community that we collectively reflect on our relations with God and what that means. 

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Covenant Team Member 

Where are you from?

I grew up in Gibsonville and lived most of my childhood on a Farm, Cows & Tobacco.  The majority of my adult life I've lived in the Burlington area except a short period when I lived in Brownsville, TX.  

Favorite thing about Mebane/Burlington/Alamance County?
I've looked at moving to other cities but Burlington is Home.  My favorite thing about this area would be the people.  We are a diverse group of individuals in the middle of the state, which is fantastic! 

Why Storied Church?
Wow where to start!   Storied Church was something I had been looking for in my life for a very long time.  I will say, when I walked in I felt like I found my home, well I know I found my Home!    My first time at church I didn't feel like a stranger, I was greeted by people I'd never met with a spark in their voice.  I actually felt like I was already a part of the family/group/church.  They looked at me and I could tell they wanted to know who I was but not in a judgemental way.  I've been judged in the past and it's always pushed me away but we do not judge at Storied Church because it's not our place to judge...there are no strangers, only partners in Christ!   It is a great feeling/vibe.      



Covenant Team Member

Where are you from?

I grew up on a tobacco farm in northern Orange County. I spent much of my adult life in Maryland.
Favorite thing about Mebane?
I moved to Mebane because it has many of the conveniences of an urban area without the congestion and fast-paced ways.
Why Storied Church?
Storied Church appeals to me because it will be an open and affirming church where all will be welcomed and embraced.

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Covenant Team Member

Where are you from?

Sanford, NC

What is your favorite thing about Mebane/Alamance County? 

This area is the perfect middle ground for everything.  You can drive an hour each way from Mebane and experience something different.  Mebane is still a city with a small-town feel.

Why Storied Church? 

After thirteen years of student ministry, it was clear something needed to change.  Thus, I made the career move from youth pastor to teaching high school.  All the while, I continued to have this stirring that a place of hope and healing needed to be created where all peoples truly can belong and be able to experience the fullness of who Jesus is.  I thought I was supposed to plant this, but since Jason Gaskin was already working on it, I jumped in. 

Our area needs a church like Storied Church.  A place where you can COME and truly BE and thus, BECOME.  A place where you do not have to have all the answers, be amid doubt, and be authentically who God created you to be, while making a great impact on the world around you.

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Covenant Team Member

Where are you from?

Middleburg, VA

Favorite thing about Mebane?

Downtown Mebane so reminds me of my beloved hometown, so I was immediately drawn to the town. As I began to explore and to meet the residents, I felt right at home.  In addition, although I also realize many residents may not fully embrace the recent growth, I appreciate the conveniences that have come with the growth.

Why Storied Church?

Even though I love and appreciate many things about my current church, I want to be a part of a more diverse and inclusive church family, one where everyone is embraced and has a voice. I, also, want a church family willing to stand for those without a voice and who have been marginalized in their communities. I am excited about being part of a church where the mold has been set aside and new traditions can flourish.

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Covenant Team Member

Where are you from? 

I grew up mainly in Mt. Pleasant, SC but also lived in Hilton Head, SC, and Ithaca, NY. I made Mebane my home in 2009.

What you love most about Mebane?

I love the downtown area and the local shopping options. My favorite thing to do on days when I am working from my home office is to start my day at one of our local coffee shops. I love the friendliness and the impromptu conversations that happen.

Why Storied Church?

I have been searching for a church looking to rethink and redesign the whole church/worship experience. I want a worship experience and a spiritual community that embraces all ages and backgrounds. I want my daughter to get as much out of the experience as I do. I love to sing and be a part of a myriad of voices lifting their voice to God. I want the old and the new to blend and for people to feel connected to one another as they work through their relationship with the divine. I want a place where people feel free to question and rethink and explore answers. Spirituality is a twisted journey, and I desperately want a place where I can walk that journey with other seekers without fear of judgment or condemnation. 

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