We gather together to build a strong community and deep relationships around shared values and visions for the church. 

When/Where do we gather? 

Every Sunday @ 10:30a virtually on FB LIVE

We strive to gather monthly safely outdoors in-person. During the winter it will depend upon the weather. Follow our FB page for when we gather in-person.


Our next Outdoor Gathering will be on January 17th at 10:30a @ Holt Street Park 411 Holt Street Mebane. We will be practicing safe social distancing. 

What do you bring to the outdoor/in-person gathering?

Bring a chair or blanket. A bottle of water to drink. And a mask

Is there social distance?

Yes. You can be as distant as you'd like. We have a sound system and the park is big and easy to be physically distant. 

Why do we gather? 

We are a new church start so we are gathering to build community and relationships. And this is a good way for people to get to know our story and vision face to face. 

What do we do in the virtual gatherings?

Our virtual gatherings are on Facebook Live. It is led by various people in our community. The sermon is interactive through the comments. We believe that you might have something to say so we leave space for that. We also take time to stop and pray together. 

What do we do at these in-person gatherings? 

The first part of our time together is a time to catch up, chat, and get to know one another. During our gatherings, we sing songs, read scripture, hear a sermon, pray together, and take Holy Communion together.  

Can I bring my children? 

Yes!! We want the whole family to be there. We believe that it is so important that we do life together and that includes children of all ages. We believe that children are ultimately molded by their parent's faith journey. So we try to encourage children to be apart of our life journey as much as possible. Right now we put a rug down with some toys in the front (yes the front). 

Who can take communion? 

Everyone. Babies. Followers of Jesus. Non-followers of Jesus. Doubter. Skeptics. Insert whatever into the blank. For us, communion is many things but for us, it is a reminder to continue to invite others to our tables and feast. 

What do we wear? 

Whatever you want. You be you. 

Will there be a light show?

no just some good down to earth people. 

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