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Sunday Worship at Storied Church is a meaningful, affirming, and inclusive service that offers a simple and authentic approach to worship. It takes courage to open your heart to the stories of our faith, and this service provides an opportunity to do just that. Come and join us for a Storied Gathering and experience a powerful and meaningful service.

We are ready to get back into church... what should we know? 

First, that is great!


Below you will find some questions and answers about what our time together on Sunday is like.


The best way to experience Storied Church is to come for a few weeks and get to know our values and get to know some of the people committed to this community to discern if this community is for you and your family. 

Feel free to ask us any questions that you might have by emailing our pastor Jason



When/Where do we gather? 

We gather each Sunday @ 10:30 am in person at Fifth and Washington Event Space 103 South Fifth Street | Mebane, NC

You can find our sermons on our YouTube channel and our Podcast.

 Follow our FB page or join our email listserve to find out what we are talking about each Sunday

How many people attend a Sunday worship gathering?

Sunday worship gatherings range between 30-50 people.   

Why do we gather? 

We are a new church so we are gathering to form meaningful connections with God and one another. 

Can I bring my children? 

Yes!! We want the whole family to be there. We believe that it is so important that we do life together and that includes children of all ages. We believe that children are ultimately molded by their parent's faith journey. So we try to encourage children to be a part of our worship gathering as much as possible. Read more here about why we value children in worship spaces. 

We offer a separate room to breastfeed/feed/change diapers if needed. 

Make sure to check out and sign your child(ren) up for our Storied Church Kid's Summer Serve!

Do you have child care? 

We are grateful for the many children and families that are a part of Storied Church! We believe in incorporating children into the life of the church as much as we can. We believe children are formed by their parent's and elders' engagement in worship and small group gatherings.


We have childcare staff and a separate room in the back of our worship space for children to gather. During the sermon, children (2 y/o to 5th grade) will gather together in a separate room with our staff and another adult for a lesson, children's activity, and snack. 

If you have a baby under 12 months we would be glad to accommodate any needs that you might have. We offer a separate room to breastfeed/feed/change diapers if needed. 

If you would prefer to have your child with you during our worship gathering we would welcome it and/or go with your children during the sermon. 

What is the preaching like? 

Our preaching style is diverse and approachable. We believe that no one person is the "theologian" but we are all theologians. We are scriptural, practical, and theological in no certain order. Each Sunday we might focus on one area or all three. We have a group of us that preach throughout the month and our style is diverse in how we approach scripture. 

What is the music like? 

Our music is simple. We sing a mix of modern worship songs, hymns, and everything in between. Singing for the church is a communal, responsive act that we do together. So we keep the music simple so that it might be more inclusive in our life together. 

What do we do at these in-person gatherings? 

The first part of our time together is a time to catch up, chat, drink some good coffee (we roast our coffee beans), and get to know one another. During our gatherings, we sing songs, read scripture, hear a sermon, pray together, and take Holy Communion together.  

Who can take communion? 

Everyone. Babies. Followers of Jesus. Non-followers of Jesus. Doubter. Skeptics. Insert whatever into the blank. For us, communion is many things but for us, it is a reminder to continue to invite others to our tables and feast. 

What do we wear? 

Whatever you want. You be you. 

Will there be a light show?

no, just some good down-to-earth people. 

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