We gather weekly to build strong community and deep relationships around shared values and visions for the church. 

When/Where do we gather? 

We gather each Sunday @ 10:30a in-person at Historic Woodlawn School

4408 Mebane Rogers Road | Mebane, NC

and virtually at 10:30a on Facebook LIVE

 Follow our FB page to find out what we are talking about each Sunday

Is there social distance?

Yes. Even though most of us are vaccinated we will still maintain social distance and to wear masks. 

Why do we gather? 

We are a new church start so we are gathering to build community and relationships. And this is a good way for people to get to know our story and vision face to face. 

What do we do at these in-person gatherings? 

The first part of our time together is a time to catch up, chat, drink some good coffee and get to know one another. During our gatherings, we sing songs, read scripture, hear a sermon, pray together, and take Holy Communion together.  

Can I bring my children? 

Yes!! We want the whole family to be there. We believe that it is so important that we do life together and that includes children of all ages. We believe that children are ultimately molded by their parent's faith journey. So we try to encourage children to be apart of our life journey as much as possible. 

Do you have a children's ministry? 

We are grateful for the many children and families that are a part of Storied Church! We believe in incorporating children into the life of the church as much as we can. We believe children are formed by their parents and elders engagement in worship and small group gathering so we try to not to take kids out of the worship space. We provide activities for children within the worship space.

During the sermon we will offer the opportunity for children to go outside for an activity so that parents are able to have a moment to hear and process whatever we are talking about that Sunday. That being said if you would like your child stay with you... we support you! 

We are working towards offering a nursery space as we grow. Our current space is limited but in future spaces our hope is to have a nursery space for younger children. 

Who can take communion? 

Everyone. Babies. Followers of Jesus. Non-followers of Jesus. Doubter. Skeptics. Insert whatever into the blank. For us, communion is many things but for us, it is a reminder to continue to invite others to our tables and feast. 

What do we wear? 

Whatever you want. You be you. 

Will there be a light show?

no just some good down to earth people. 

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