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Everyone's story matters.

Everyone's story is unique.  

It deserves to be told. 

Our story needs your story.  

Our Story

Hi friends! My name is Jason Gaskin and I am a United Methodist pastor. Ten years ago a pastor asked me if I had ever considered planting a church. I gave him a clear, definitive answer, "no"! 

Well, here I am a United Methodist church pastor planting a new faith community in Mebane, North Carolina. 

This dream began from a short conversation with my wife, Kiah a few years ago on one of our evening walks. I have always been one that keeps my dreams close to my heart... but she saw a dream that was hard for me to see. So I let the little birdy out and here we are. 

My faith journey began back in high school at 15 years old. It wasn’t a sermon or a church event that changed my life. It was authentic, caring friendships. Friends who loved Jesus. Cared about me and provided a space for me to belong.... long before I ever stepped foot into a church.


My belief is that people are ultimately transformed through loving, caring relationships. When we provide a space of love and inclusivity it allows people to live into whom God created them to be.


We are gathering people who are seeking a place to belong. We are imagining a church that at its core values inclusivity. We don't want "All are Welcome" to be a slogan on our sign... we want to live it. 


So we are gathering a group of people that can come with questions, wounds, hurts, non- religious, religious, a passion for people, wonderings in hopes that together we might find our true belonging in Jesus.

To mean what I say... let's get to know one another over a coffee. 

You can also find out more about me and my recent thoughts about life, family, the world, and being a pastor at http://theycallmepreacher.blogspot.com/


Place to eat? Bar none La Cocina (although we make quite the mess with two toddlers)

Event? Mebane has a lot of cool events... but by far our favorite is the Christmas Parade

Coffee? Reeds 

Hot tea? Filament!

Favorite place to go with the kids? We love the parks next to the rec center and also the new park. We can't wait to go to the splash pad! 


Favorite podcasts? Dave Ramsey, New York Times, Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend, Fresh Air

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