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Hi Friends! 

My name is Jason Gaskin and I am so honored to get to pastor Storied Church! To tell you the truth I am in awe that this vision that God called us into is coming to fruition. And it gets me really excited about what the future holds for our community. 

First and foremost I am the husband to my amazing wife and best friend Kiah and dad to three, adorable kids Isaac, Laurel, and Caroline. (pray for us!) 

A little bit about myself. I am an ordained, United Methodist Church pastor. And was appointed to plant Storied Church in 2019.

Being a "church planter" was not in my long-range pastoral goals. A friend of mine asked me over a decade ago whether I had any interest in planting a church. I gave him a definitive no. Church planting was too risky and failure was likely. 

But a few years ago I felt a nudge to plant a new faith community here in Mebane. My tendency was to sweep this nudge under the rug and move on. But my wonderful wife on one of our evening walks encouraged me to share this vision that was growing within me. And I did. And here we are. 

Lesson... what you say "no" to will probably one day become a "yes." 

My hope and prayer for this community are that we would be true to our values. One that doesn't just say one thing and means the other. When we say we are "inclusive" we mean it! And if we fall short... we want to be challenged. 

We also want to be a community that is about deep relationships. Because relationships at the end of the day are what change us. It isn't a sermon. It isn't music. But authentic, inclusive relationships. 

We are on this journey together! Let me know how I can support you. Would love to connect! And I know our team would also love to connect with you as well! 


ps, I would love to connect with you whether over coffee, lunch, or a zoom... just send me a email here. 

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