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LENTEN PROJECT: Share a meal.

Each week I follow what is called the lectionary. I often read and reflect throughout the week on the gospel passage. This week we will begin the lenten season as we journey toward resurrection. This season is marked by repentance or change. Turning from death to life. Turning from the things that hold us back to the things that give us life.

The gospel passages during lent includes a myriad of figures: Nicodemus, Lazurus, Mary, Martha, Jesus’s disciples, and my favorite story of the Samaritan woman. Jesus didn’t silo himself nor surround himself with people that were like him.

Jesus put himself with people of radical difference, listened to their stories, felt their pain, listened to their questions, drank from their well, and ate at their tables.

What would it look like to follow in the footsteps of Jesus during this lenten season? What would it look like to entertain the idea of getting to know someone that isn’t in our inner circle. Maybe an acquaintance, a church friend (you sat near), someone of a different political ideology, different ethnicity… you get where I am going… someone different.

Then make the commitment to grab a beer, coffee, bite to eat, or invite them over to your family. And feast and experience communion and the beginning of new friendships.

And quite possibly what we would call communion.

Yes… you could just give up facebook… diet coke… or get a meal with someone new.

I know this pushes a lot of our uncomfortable buttons to get out of our comfort zone and get to know someone else. Because it is awkward. And we’d rather avoid that feeling. I did something similar with another church I served and I am pretty sure that no one did it. Because the idea of discomfort was too much.

There is a lot at stake in our culture. And we have to live differently. We live in a culture that is more connected yet lonelier.

There is a huge need for community and friendship. And our hope is that the church will step up… and be that new friend…

Let's be different. Let’s lean in. We would love for you too share your journey with us.


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