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We like to think of your partnership in terms of family. We covenant together to PRAY for one another, to LEVERAGE our resources for one another, and to GIVE ourselves for one another so that we might make our community better.


  1. Give a portion of our gifts BACK to the community. This year alone we have supported organizations like Benevolence Farm and Yoder Elementary! Thanks to your gifts. 

  2. Our intention is not to “pass the plate” during our gatherings and worship services. We will simply invite people if they wish to give to the box in the back or give online.

  3. We WILL always be transparent about our financial practices

  4. We WILL strive and lean into being generous


 We recognize that many of us have a complicated past with money and church. Here is why your financial gifts are significant. These gifts say to us... 

1. I believe in your VALUES and VISION and I believe that this community needs such a community. 

2. This isn't just about "me" it is about "us". Giving is about investing and leveraging how Storied Church might impact people in our community. 

3. Giving provides us with the means to faithfully plan and build a new faith community. 

4. "No gift too small" .... "Even a seemingly small act of generosity can grow into something far beyond what we could ever ask or imagine." (Ephesian 3:20)





A portion of your gifts will go towards supporting community partnerships. Local organizations that we believe in and are making a difference in our communities. The more we give... the more impact we make. 


We want to go above and beyond for one another. This includes providing hot coffee and a meal at some of our gatherings. It also goes towards renting the space we meet each month. And for times that childcare will be a necessity, we offer to help parents with childcare costs. 


We like to think of the administration to be the engine of the church. This includes things like office supplies, fees for bookkeeping, and the website. It also goes towards online advertising and any video work that we will have done that help extend our mission into the community.


Our funding goes towards supporting the pastor and supporting staff and interns. 

Ways to give and leverage your resources...

1. Monthly, automatic donations can be made through Breeze (GIVE link at the top as well)

Most people don't give because they think their gift doesn't matter. It does. It means a lot. 

2. You can give in the box in the back at our gatherings. 

3. You can also give with the VENMO APP here. 

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