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Your story deserves to be told.

My journey of faith began my sophomore year of high school. This was in the late 90s when AOL was booming. All my peers communicated through instant messaging. And one of my friends that I instant messaged with was Mark. Mark went to the Baptist church and started encouraging me to read the bible. So I did. He was my friend. So I took his advice.

My reading of scripture has formed and shaped me greatly. I loved then and I love now reading the bible. What has formed me greatly is the generosity of Jesus' love for people. When someone tried to limit God's love... Jesus would always extend it and push the limits. Jesus' love kept going further and further.

This kingdom that Jesus was trying to build was diverse, beautiful, and full. Although this kingdom did perplex and challenge others especially those closest to him.

History has shown us many moments for which we have in God's name sought often to stifle this movement of God. Slave owners used the bible to justify their racist, horrific abuses on other human beings. The bible has been used to limit women's role in the church in ordination and service as well as in society. And now we continue to use the scriptures, not as a source that leads us to peace but to put down the integral, baptismal identity in us all. Especially people of the LGBTQAI+ community.

We believe "every story deserves to be told". One of the truest parts of ourselves is our sexuality and how we relate to other human beings. And for the church to say that you can't be who God created you to be is a falsehood. It is to be baptized into a lie

We feel that only then when we can be your most authentic self is when we can become a storied community. A community that understands this great mystery that where our true selves are embraced together something miraculous and special happens.

We can't wait to worship and to stand up and tell you that we love, affirm and stand with you.


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